Bridging the gap between resource and result

March 2018
In the third quarter of my first year of Communication and Multimedia Design, we were instructed to make a video about a Creative district in the Netherlands called
Strijp-S. We soon found out about this artistic bridge. It lights up at night, which suited our concept perfectly.
Fully prepared with my camera gear I had arrived on scene just as the sun was about to set. I chose a location and set up my camera ready to shoot a time-lapse for our video… only to find out the bridge was not even working at that moment. But I did not give up. I completed the timelapse and decided to make it light up myself.
After hours of experimenting I had replicated the graphic on the bridge.
The end result ended up feeling the more satisfying. As an added bonus, we could now animate the bridge to our liking and adapt it to the music. It earned us an honorable mention at the final viewing!
Finally, the completed video. It was created with a group of five students. I did the animation of the bridge, the animation at the end and part of the video recording. This was one of my first encounters with video production and I loved the project. I learned a lot and have only been learning more about it since.