Who I am & what I do

Timo Meijs

Motion Designer
A motion designer based in the Netherlands, who is passionate about making things move. Full of ideas and excited to help you show your colors. I love using the latest and greatest of new developments and technologies to bring stories to life!

Combining my experience in a range of creative fields with my love for motion design gives me a unique perspective on my projects and allows me to work together efficiently with experts from many creative backgrounds.

*Flying Colors

The story behind my company

Taking the things I love to do and using them to tell your story. That’s what Flying Colors was founded for.

The name, is based on the idiom “to pass with flying colors”. And that’s exactly what I aim to do. I am not satisfied with a “good enough”. I will work hard until I pass your expectations with flying colors.

The idiom finds its origin in the days when ships would return home with their “colors” (another word for flags) flying to show they had been victorious. These flags were the first thing the people on the shore would see. Just like those flags, design can help you to make your first impression unforgettable. Motion design is a powerful tool to show the world what you have to offer!



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My location

Vlijmen, the Netherlands