Code based animations run right within the browser, eliminating the need to download images or videos from other sources. The animations can be loaded nearly instantly, even when they are long or very large. This allows the user to experience the animation as truly part of your website.


Code-based animation can be made of vector information. This means the image you see is not based on pixels, but on formulas. This results in a sharp and high quality animation, from the smallest phone screen to the largest billboard.


Code-based animation can easily be made to respond to input from the user, making it a great way to create compelling interactive experiences.


Code-based animations work not only for the web, but also for applications in Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. Users will get the same experience across the board.


Code-based animation can be manipulated based on the user’s position on the page. Build the rocket by scrolling further down!

Mouse position

Code-based animations can also be animated based on the position of the user’s mouse. Charge the rocket by moving your mouse downwards!


Off course, interaction through clicking and hovering is also possible. Ready for takeoff?



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